AGILE is the latest innovative technology from Hainsworth Protective Fabrics. Our new fabric construction is a tightly woven gabardine structure of ultra-fine yarns to create a range of exceptionally durable fabrics with excellent thermal stability and a supreme low weight.

The AGILE range provides increased flexibility while still delivering excellent thermal protection and market-leading abrasion resistance.

The first fabric in our AGILE range is an innovative structural textile that provides exceptional protection at an ultra-low weight. AGILE is made with meta-aramid and para-aramid fibres in a ground-breaking fabric construction to create a garment that moves with the wearer with minimal restriction.

Design that saves

Designed to keep you safe while still performing at your peak.

Heat stress is the greatest risk to a working firefighter’s life. AGILE is constructed to place less strain on the body, having been woven from ultra-fine yarns to give the fabric a low weight of 180 gsm. This lighter weight provides exceptional comfort for the wearer, allowing firefighters to perform at the optimum level for longer periods of time.

We’ve used Fibre Positioning Technology to develop a unique fabric construction that gives the wearer increased flexibility and freedom of movement. While wearing AGILE you’re able to move and react with minimal interference, allowing you to focus on the vital task at hand. Thanks to the intelligent structure of the fabric, AGILE lets you move naturally, un-hindered.

Protection that shows

Developed with the needs of modern firefighters in mind, AGILE gives you confidence in your safety and protection.

Like all Hainsworth Protective Fabrics products, AGILE has been designed to give excellent protection from heat and flame. Our innovative construction of densely packed yarns results in a stronger fabric with increased resistance to break-open, meaning you can remain confident that your kit will work with you to perform.

Lower risk of exposure
Carcinogen exposure is a growing risk to modern firefighters, and this concern was factored into the design of AGILE. The fabric is constructed with a tight gabardine weave that gives the maximum resistance to penetration of liquid chemicals. This increased protection from chemical ingress means that harmful particulates are far less likely to pass through the fabric, lowering the risk from exposure to carcinogens.

Quality that lasts

Like all Hainsworth textiles AGILE is constructed to last, keeping you looking smarter for longer.

It’s vital that a firefighter’s kit is kept free from harmful chemical residues. AGILE can withstand 60 wash cycles without losing any of its protective qualities, allowing you to keep your gear safer for longer. With 72.5% of fibres packed onto the face of the fabric, AGILE is highly resistant to abrasion and has excellent colourfastness – giving your kit a longer life. AGILE is designed and manufactured in compliance with industry standards including:

Stay looking sharp
Designed to provide long-lasting protection, AGILE keeps the wearer looking sharp in the harshest conditions. The use of fine yarns means the garment’s appearance stays fresh after washing, and the innovative construction gives the fabric a modern technical appearance with no visible grid or pattern.

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