Hainsworth Protective Fabrics – Returning to Interschutz 2022

After a longer-than-planned break, Hainsworth Protective Fabrics are excited to be returning to Interschutz in 2022. Interschutz provides a forum for firefighters worldwide to come together, share their experiences and explore the solutions that are needed to help keep themselves and others safe – something that is even more necessary than before. In the seven years since the last show, the world has been reshaped by drastic events, and the responsibilities of firefighters have had to shift alongside them.

In addition to allowing us to showcase our products, Interschutz also provides manufacturers with an invaluable opportunity to speak to end users. With over 10,000 visitors from over 50 countries in attendance, the trade show lets us gain an understanding of the different needs of firefighters across the world, how they have changed over two years of turbulent change, and what suppliers can do to help them.

It’s clear that the role of the firefighter is changing. Their duties are becoming even more urgent and the challenges they face are occurring on a grander scale. From tackling the effects of more frequent natural disasters, to supporting Covid vaccine roll-out, to aiding victims of war in Europe, firefighters are being placed under even greater strain than before.

In response to this, it’s crucial that manufacturers centre firefighter concerns and feedback when developing new protective products. If no effort is made to understand the unique requirements and challenges that firefighters encounter, then it is impossible to develop products that provide truly effective safety.

AGILE is the next generation of PPE fabric.

At Hainsworth Protective Fabrics we develop all our flame-retardant PPE textiles with the needs of the end user in mind. We continuously seek to understand what firefighters want from their PPE, the challenges they’re facing on the job, and any areas where they feel their protection could be improved. Hainsworth is truly dedicated to firefighter safety – to protecting the front line not only from heat stress and flashover but from the many other risks that they face every day. If we haven’t listened to the firefighter, we haven’t done our job properly. Our fabrics are only effective if they help firefighters to do their jobs successfully.

On our stand at Interschutz we will be seeking the chance to hear from those who wear firefighter PPE on a daily basis, as well as showcasing our range of innovative flame retardant fabrics for firefighter uniforms. Our fabrics are designed for a wide range of firefighting scenarios, including structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, urban search and rescue, water rescue, electric arc and road traffic collisions.

In addition to our world-renowned TITAN range (for structural firefighting) and our pioneering ECO-DRY Shield fabric (specifically designed for wildland firefighters) we will also be showcasing our most recent textile innovation – AGILE, the next generation of PPE fabric. New to Interschutz, AGILE is woven into a tight structure that gives maximum resistance to liquid penetration, providing greater protection against exposure to harmful chemicals. Created in response to firefighter concerns about their PPE needing to withstand repeat decontamination, AGILE has also been designed to be exceptionally durable and can withstand over 100 washes without losing its protecting qualities. This gives the wearer confidence that their PPE can keep them safer for longer.

To experience the full range of Hainsworth Protective Fabrics (including PBI NRG LP, a revolutionary new textile development yet to be released) visit Hall 15 Stand H17 from 20 to 25 June.