Hainsworth Protective Fabrics Hails Success of AFAC16

Global protectives textile manufacturer Hainsworth Protective Fabrics says this year’s AFAC was the “biggest and best ever”.

The event, held in Brisbane, was powered by INTERSCHUTZ Exhibition and showcased the latest developments in emergency services equipment and technology from around the world.

Hainsworth Protective Fabrics Director, Tom Hainsworth, was among the speakers at AFAC16, giving a talk entitled “100 Years of Fabric Evolution”.

The company also exhibited its industry-leading range of fabrics for structural and wildland firefighters including TITAN 1260 and ECO-DRY Shield.

Tom said: “This year’s AFAC was hugely impressive. The event was the biggest and best ever and is organised by a group of highly informed and technically competent people.

“There were more exhibitors than ever before from around the world – confirmation of the ever increasing globalisation of the emergency services sector.

“There is greater understanding than ever that fire services in different parts of the world face many of the same challenges and issues and that the best way to move forward is together with a more harmonised approach.”

Tom was invited to address AFAC16 delegates on fabric evolution because of the company’s long history partnering with firefighters globally.

The company has itself been providing fire services with protective fabrics for over 100 years.

Tom said: “Today, we integrate the traditional qualities of craftsmanship with cutting edge innovation and product development to meet the needs of a growing and diverse global customer base.

“We hold dear our traditional values while continually striving forward through a modern, ambitious and innovative approach.”

Tom highlighted his company’s long association with Australia dating back to 1807 when Yorkshireman Reverend Samuel Marsden transported to England the first wool for commercial use – thereby beginning the Australian woollen trade.

Over 200 years later, Hainsworth Protective Fabrics remains committed to the use of wool in its fabrics, using Australian Merino wool in its modern textile production and finishing processes.

The unique structure of wool offers distinct properties not mimicked by any other natural or man-made fibres – properties that offer many benefits to the wearer.

Tom added: “I was delighted with the response at AFAC16. Our TITAN and ECO-DRY range of fabrics are increasingly familiar to the firefighting community and our commitment to innovation and technology is particularly appreciated.

“We currently have a number of exciting opportunities within the Australasian market which would build upon those fire services already using Hainsworth fabrics on the frontline.

“One of the overriding messages out of AFAC16 was the importance of partnership. For Hainsworth this means partnership with our industry colleagues and partnership with end users, ensuring they are able to return home safely to their families at the end of every shift.”