Hainsworth Protective Fabrics Reveals New Identity with the Needs of the Modern Day Firefighter at its Core

Firefighter in PPE

Hainsworth Protective Fabrics has overhauled their brand in response to demand for a refreshed identity that makes a deeper connection with the modern day firefighter. The specialist textile company has been a market leader in the provision of PPE fabric for over 150 years, and over that time has been continuously driven to place the needs of their customers at the core of everything they do.

By listening, Hainsworth have not only been able to develop cutting edge fabrics that surpass international standards, but also to produce textiles that meet the specific needs of those who wear PPE daily on the frontline. The new identity aims to project this ethos and demonstrate Hainsworth’s unrivalled knowledge in the market and commitment to continuous innovation.

The 9 month project included an in depth research phase, comprising of marketplace, industry, trend and competitor research, as well as visits to supplier partners. The result is a brand new website, refreshed literature and a series of hard-hitting animations showcasing the benefits of the product range.

Ultimately, their mission is to keep firefighters safe, and this is realised through a process coined by Hainsworth as Fibre Positioning Technology. Over the last 150 years the company has built up an intimate knowledge of the properties of different fibres and yarns, and how they must be placed, positioned and woven together to produce fabric that is stronger than the sum of its parts. This results in the highest levels of protection, comfort and quality when it is needed most.

Hainsworth has always taken the time to listen to emergency personnel throughout the world, continually asking them how their roles are changing and in turn how their PPE fabric must evolve and improve. This is mirrored in the new brand, with bold, emotive head shot style imagery and quotes from firefighters and employees on their experiences with the kit.

The roll out of the new identity aims to re-inforce what Hainsworth Protective Fabrics has stood for since its inception; commitment to quality, dedication to the market, leading in innovation and expertise in Fibre Positioning Technology.

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