Hainsworth to Host SC13 in 2017

Hainsworth Protective Fabrics will play host to the ISO TC94 SC13 Protective Clothing Committee when it next meets in 2017.

The company will entertain over 40 delegates from across the globe when they gather in Leeds, Yorkshire, from March 20-24 next year.

Most recently, the committee has met in Brazil and Japan.

It will be a week of intense activity with a range of Working and Project Groups meeting prior to a Friday Plenary session when decisions are taken on the way forward for numerous PPE standards. The standards will either be under revision or newly developed.

Hainsworth Technology will host committee members for the week, including laying on a typically Yorkshire dinner and entertainment.

The event will provide an opportunity for UK fire chiefs and other industry representatives to meet with standards delegates who will have flown in from all corners of the globe.

Tom Hainsworth, Managing Director of Hainsworth Protective Fabrics and himself a member of ISO TC 94 SC 14, said: “We are honoured to be hosting next year’s gathering of SC13 and look forward to giving delegates a taste of Yorkshire hospitality.

“Hainsworth has a long and distinguished involvement in helping to develop and shape standards within the industry over the past 30 years. We are proud to have played a part in the formation of a number of standards committees during this time.

“We also played an important role in introduction of European Standard EN 469 Protective Clothing for Firefighters which enshrined in law the need for garments to undergo a number of tests to ensure they provided adequate protection against both radiant and convective heat.

“International (ISO) standards are becoming increasingly important. Firefighters from around the world now routinely attend major disasters in other countries and continents, often facing very different firefighting environments to what they are perhaps used to at home.

“We live in an ever more global world and this further highlights the importance of ISO standards.

“Only by continuing to work closely together can the global fire community ensure our firefighters are afforded the very best possible protection at all times.”