Developed in-house at our UKAS accredited laboratory, REPEL+ is a special coating applied as standard on all TITAN fabrics. REPEL+ reduces the level of dangerous particle ingress to your PPE and keeps you dry and comfortable, all without affecting the breathability of your PPE.

In your role REPEL+ helps you to …

Stay Dry – offering durable water repellency, helping prevent water from getting into your kit.

Stay Comfortable – engineered to last repeated wash/dry cycles without the need to be re-applied, which could compromise garment wicking, breathability and therefore comfort.

Stay Smart – contains a stain release element to help launder out stubborn stains and keep your kit looking smarter for longer.

We want to take for granted that the kit is of the highest standard and is serviced, maintained and uncontaminated.

Bill Dziadkiewicz, Crew Manager with Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service

REPEL+ exceeds the chemical repellency and spray rating requirements of EN469 even after repeated laundering. REPEL+ is REACH compliant and provides the first line of defence against a range of hazardous chemicals including:

  • Sodium Hydroxide – NaOH
  • Hydrochloric Acid – HCl
  • Sulphuric Acid – H 2 SO 4
  • o-Xylene – C 8 H 10


Tumble Dry Hot for minimum of 10 minutes to reactivate the Fluorocarbon chains.

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