West Midlands Fire Service

Hainsworth Protective Fabrics and its partner Bristol Uniforms have a long track record of kitting out almost 2,000 firefighters at West Midlands Fire Service with its innovative protective fabrics.

We have recently been selected by West Midlands to provide them with TITAN 1260, one of a number of fire services choosing our fabric as a result of our inclusion on the prestigious Collaborative Procurement Framework.

This follows our previous success in 2011 when the fire service also selected our TITAN fabric for its firefighters stationed across almost 40 community fire stations.

On that occasion, West Midlands chose a smart dark blue and red uniform, which replaced the magma coloured uniforms previously worn by the service and also provided to the service by Hainsworth and our partner Bristol.

Carl Batchelor, a veteran firefighter with West Midlands Fire Service, says:

“Firefighters are looking for flexibility when moving, wicking to draw away the moisture and sweat and something that performs really well in a hot, fire environment.

“The temperatures we experience are phenomenal – it is hotter than sitting in an oven when you cook your Sunday roast. We rely on our PPE. I always check I am properly dressed and that no skin is exposed. If conditions deteriorate we really rely on our kit until we can get out.

“Hainsworth TITAN kit keeps me cool and prevents me from being a boil in a bag.

“The TITAN provides the flexibility whether I am in a fire situation which may be a short, sharp hit of 15 to 30 minutes or standing on a jet for three or four hours. Our kit provides comfort and flexibility of use.”

“Should I ever be unfortunate enough to be in a flashover situation, my suit offers the protection to get out of the situation by forming a layer of carbon or carbonizing.”