Our Team

Our people are dedicated to protecting individuals that work in hazardous environments from burn injury so they can return home safely to their families. With our combined experience, knowledge, and commitment, we are here to help develop, to manufacture, and to support you in finding the ultimate PPE fabric solution. 

Colin Whittaker – Global Business Manager 

Colin is the global business lead for Hainsworth Protective Fabrics. Colin works closely with our client partners to ensure the development and manufacture of our premium intelligent textiles, as well as collaborating with other businesses to produce new innovative products. With an intimate knowledge of the unique requirements of international markets, no matter where our fabrics are needed Colin will work with customers to provide the optimum solution for their needs. To understand more about our products, our future developments and how we can collaborate with you, contact Colin by emailing colinwhittaker@awhainsworth.co.uk.  

Lesley Routh-Jones – Business Development Manager 

Working closely with Emergency Services professionals in the UK, Australia and the Middle East, Lesley is fiercely driven to understand the concerns and requirements of our end users. As an active and influential member of numerous Fire Service institutions and associations, Lesley’s knowledge of the workings of the sector is invaluable. Lesley is dedicated to listening to Emergency Services professionals to understand how Hainsworth can continue to evolve its offering to meet the emerging challenges facing those on the front line. If you want to understand what PPE solution would be best for your service, contact Lesley at lesleyrouth-jones@awhainsworth.co.uk.  

Martin Haworth – Technical Manager 

Martin leads the technical development and testing of all Hainsworth Protective Fabrics products, striving to push the boundaries of textile manufacture to tackle the challenges faced by Emergency Services professionals. Martin has been instrumental in the creation of our most innovative fabrics, ensuring that everything we create measures up to the Hainsworth quality for which we are renowned. As an active member of the British Standards Committee, Martin’s understanding of industry standards ensures our products consistently surpass requirements and keep the wearer safe. To discuss the standards we test against or to enquire about our technical solutions, contact Martin at martinhaworth@awhainsworth.co.uk.  

Diane Simpson – Commercial Director 

Diane leads the Sales and Marketing strategy for the AW Hainsworth group and Hainsworth Protective Fabrics. Dedicated to recognising the requirements of the end user, Diane works with our internal team and our clients collectively to ensure that our product portfolio continues to answer the needs of the Emergency Services sector. Diane ensures that Hainsworth is instrumental in highlighting industry best practice when it comes to PPE. To discuss how Hainsworth Protective Fabrics can support you, contact Diane at dianesimpson@awhainsworth.co.uk.  

Amanda McLaren – Managing Director, AW Hainsworth 

Amanda is the Managing Director for the AW Hainsworth group, overseeing all business activity. Committed to manufacturing excellence, Amanda works with our Protectives team to ensure our clients receive the best solution for their needs, and that our business model and strategy is optimised to continue supporting Emergency Services professionals across the globe.