ECO-DRY is woven at our Mill in Yorkshire, England, incorporating the benefits of wool, Lenzing FR® and Meta-Aramid brought together by Fibre Positioning Technology.

Whether as a single layer for Wildland firefighting garments, or a liner for structural firefighting gear, this intelligent fabric is woven to provide benefits to the firefighter including comfort, ease of movement, breathability, thermal performance and durability.

The kit is a significant improvement on our previous garments. They are lighter, more comfortable and the fit is a lot better. The clothing is repelling water more effectively with the added benefit of the Hainsworth Protective Fabrics ECO-DRY ACTIVE lining that successfully pulls the moisture away.

Shane Redhead, Operational Support Technician,
Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service

Why Wool?

Natures Performance Fibre…

  • Wool can hold 33% of its own weight in moisture before feeling damp, meaning it naturally regulates the absorption / desorption of moisture to keep a steady microclimate next to the skin. This helps the wearer feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Wool is antistatic, antimicrobial and has odour control properties, perfect for long shifts in demanding environments.
  • The inclusion of wool and Lenzing FR® by Fibre Positioning Technology gives ECO-DRY fabric and excellent ‘drape’, meaning it feels comfortable next to the skin even after prolonged activity in drawn out wildfire situations.

ECO-DRY keeps the wearer Cool, Dry & Comfortable.

ECO-DRY comes as Liner….

ECO-DRY ACTIVE is a heavier double layer lining fabric, which uses the natural properties of wool to not only draw sweat and body heat away, but to actively “pump” this out through its second layer to the garment’s moisture barrier. This speeds up evaporation and dispersion from your garment via the outershell.

ECO-DRY COOL+ is an innovative, lightweight single layer fabric construction that has a natural wicking system to draw sweat away from the body. The Meta-Aramid face is next to the skin, punctuated by the wool/Lenzing fibres which transport moisture vapour and sweat away from the skin and through the liner, presenting it directly to the garments moisture barrier. This makes ECO-DRY COOL+ ideal for keeping you cool, dry and comfortable when wearing heavyweight firefighting protective clothing or turnout gear.

Or as a Single Layer…

ECO-DRY SHIELD products combine the unique properties of Wool, Meta-Aramid and Lenzing FR to offer the best possible solution for bush and wildland fire-fighters. Due to the special nature of its end use, the fabric must be fire retardant to extreme radiant and convective heat but also comfortable to wear during high activity levels. Woven using a unique rail system, which leaves a visible stripe effect to the woven structure, ECO-DRY SHIELD is a lightweight and effective fabric designed for the demands of the Wildland Fire Fighter.

A lightweight single layer construction;

  • Reduction in weight without compromise in protection.
  • Increased comfort due to improved drape.
  • Good abrasion, pilling, strength, thermal protection and colour fastness that will not wash away.
  • Inherently FR, the excellent thermal protection of wool and Meta and Para-Aramid yarns will not wash out, wear off or degrade over time.
  • ECO-DRY SHIELD allows the mobility and flexibility uniquely required during prolonged call outs while providing maximum thermal protection.

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