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Our expertise in firefighting protective clothing has always gone beyond just manufacturing fabric. Since supplying Fire Brigades with protective firefighting fabrics over 150 years ago, Hainsworth Protective Fabrics have continued to set the benchmark for delivering innovative flame-resistant firefighting PPE textiles for today’s emergency services personnel.

Our firefighting PPE fabric is currently worn by emergency services professionals across the world including the UK, Australia, the UAE, Qatar, Chile, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, China, France, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, and the USA, amongst others.

Hainsworth Protective Fabrics are designed for use in firefighting (structural, electric arc, wildland, urban search and rescue, water rescue, road traffic collisions), police (riot overalls) and military.

This new design is lightweight while delivering high levels of protection and user comfort. The selection process was very thorough and I’m confident the best kit was chosen.

Mr Nicol Thornton – Assistant Director Technical and Commercial,
London Fire Brigade.

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Our TITAN fabric for outer shell structural garments is made up of a unique patented construction of high performance fibres, carefully positioned to maximise comfort, thermal protection and durability. Worn by firefighters across the world, TITAN is an established classic.

TITAN products include:

  • TITAN 1220 – a highly breathable fabric designed primarily as an outer shell for structural firefighter garments
  • TITAN 1241 – a 175gsm outer shell fabric used for riot police coveralls, technical rescue, and EMS protective gear, where maximum comfort and flexibility are paramount
  • TITAN 1250 – a premium 270gsm fabric used as an outer shell for structural firefighter garments, and as a single layer fabric in riot police coveralls
  • TITAN 1260 – designed for use as an outer shell in structural firefighter garments, this fabric incorporates Pbi fibres to increase thermal integrity and ensure the fabric does not break open after flashover.

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Our ECO-DRY fabrics incorporate the benefits of merino wool and thermally resistant meta-aramids to provide comfort, ease of movement, breathability, and durability. All ECO-DRY products are comfortable, inherently fire retardant, anti-microbial, anti-static, and anti-odour.

ECO-DRY products include:

  • ECO-DRY Shield – developed specifically with the requirements of wildland firefighters in mind, this lightweight single layer provides the mobility and flexibility needed during prolonged call-outs in addition to outstanding thermal protection
  • ECO-DRY Active – designed specifically as a liner in structural firefighting garments, this double layer fabric draws sweat and heat away from the body and pumps it out into the membrane – the ‘moisture barrier’ – between the inner and outer layers
  • ECO-DRY Cool+ – a 135gsm fabric designed as a liner in structural garments, with a natural wicking system to draw sweat away from the body, helping you to stay cooler for longer.

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Our newest fabric is AGILE, the next generation of structural firefighting PPE textiles. AGILE is designed to provide exceptional resistance to abrasion at a supreme low weight of 180gsm. The fibres in AGILE are woven together into a tight structure that gives maximum resistance to liquid penetration, providing greater protection against exposure to harmful chemicals.

AGILE has also been designed to provide excellent break-open resistance and can withstand over 60 washes without losing its protective qualities, giving firefighters the confidence that their kit can be kept clean and safe for longer.

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With commitment to quality, innovation and expertise, our mission is to keep you safe.

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