Collaborative Procurement Framework Success for Hainsworth

Firefighter uniform made from TITAN 1260

Hainsworth Protective Fabrics has scored a number of contract successes since being selected to be part of the prestigious Collaborative Procurement Framework. The company, which has been working with firefighters for over 150 years, was named as part of the Framework in June 2018.

Since then, in partnership with Bristol Uniforms, Hainsworth’s cutting–edge TITAN 1260 outer fabric has been chosen by some of the largest fire and rescue services in the UK including London and Scotland. Other fire services to have selected TITAN 1260 include West Midlands, Tyne & Wear and Buckinghamshire.

A rigorous tender process was undertaken over a two-year period, which included technical assessments, cost negotiations and practical user trials. The Framework was created by a dedicated project team led by Kent Fire and Rescue Service (FRS). It followed the success of the South East and Eastern Region framework established in 2010, and comes in response to calls from Government and the industry for fire services to work together to share best practice and deliver efficiencies.

The Framework now provides access to high quality PPE ensembles, suitable for the varying roles and activities faced by today’s firefighter, while saving considerable time and resources by simplifying and streamlining the procurement process.

The selected styles combine innovative and ergonomic designs (by Bristol Uniforms) with the use of high performance fabrics such as TITAN 1260 (by Hainsworth), offering maximum protection, manoeuvrability and comfort.

Jason Thelwell, Chief Executive and Chief Fire Officer at Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Bucks recently became one of the first fire services to receive brand new kit as part of the Collaborative Procurement Framework. Our PPE includes new gold-coloured structural coats and trousers and high-vis yellow rescue jackets. One of the big changes is the clothing options firefighters now have for different incidents. This has really helped. I have not heard a single complaint about the new kit since it was introduced. Firefighters seem genuinely pleased with the product including the colour, durability and greater flexibility.”